Creamy Kale and Zucchini Pasta

Vegan Creamy Pasta and Zucchini

Before we do anything else, can I just say that I love pasta? And garlic? And zucchini?

Phew! Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, we can move on to more serious topics.

A little over a year ago, I posted a recipe for vegan alfredo sauce. It was delightfully delicious, but a little rich. The more I made the alfredo, the richer it seemed (which isn’t always a bad thing). Anyhoo, I decided that the ol’ alfredo sauce needed a little makeover–a  lightening up of ingredients with a twist.  So I got to work in my tiny kitchen, and this is what happened.
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Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies 1It’s September 16th, and we’re long overdue for some vegan sweetness.

In a last ditch effort to lose these last several stubborn pounds of baby weight, I’ve been trying to avoid sweets (sorta).  And then there are cookies–peanut butter cookies, at that. I love peanut butter, and when the natural stuff was only 99 cents a jar (!!!!) at Kroger, there was no turning back. I had no choice but to bake peanut butter cookies, even though I’m sure they won’t help me achieve any weight loss goal.

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